You’ve read our healthy Recipes!—from Chocolate Soufflé and Phil’s Bars, to smoothies and enticing entrees. Many people ask us about the kitchen equipment we use to creating these, and those hard-to-find ingredients like healthy protein powders and cocoa. Here are some of the more important items to help you make the best tasting, healthiest meals and snacks quickly and easily. Below is also a special section on cookbooks.


Cuisinart Food Processor

For smaller jobs:
Cuisinart Hand Mixer with Whisk and Chopper Attachments

Vitamix is the very best blender. Be sure to get one with the dial in the middle.
Option: Refurbished (used) ones are often available for much less (but they have a short warrantee).

A good option, although less effective for heavy duty blending.
Glass Cookware and easy to clean

Crock Pot (slow cooker)

Solar Oven
Mandolin Slicer

Spiral Vegetable Slicer
Ice Cream Maker

Italian Coffee Maker
This produces a strong, rich European coffee.

Organic Beeswax Candles
Avoid the toxins: use only organic beeswax

Many ask about our homemade cheeses. We start with fresh raw milk from healthy cows and goats, and create the most incredible mozzarella, brie, parmesan, blue cheese, ricotta and more. Let this book be your guide:

200 Easy Homemade Cheese Recipes

How to Read a French Fry
And Other Stories of Intriguing Kitchen Science

On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

More Recipes! Want a hundred or more variations of Phil & Coralee's recipes? They're in the book Healthy Brains Healthy Children (available as a regular book and an e-book). Meals, snacks and desserts that adults and kids will love. See also the Recipes! section of this website.

Raw Organic Cocoa

Raw Organic Cocoa Nibs

Organic Cocoa Baking Bar

Organic Cacao Butter
For making white chocolate

Organic Egg White Powder

Organic Whey Powder