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Here are some of my songs (and the albums they are from) you can hear in the player on the left:

Rock—Twice in One Lifetime, Rosemary
(We All Need)
Folk—Livin’ on a Dead End Road, Untitled Ballad
(Livin’ on a Dead End Road)
Country—Flowers & Weeds, Blind Man
(Nashville Bootleg)
Piano Bar—Can't Remember Yesterday, No


We All Need

Phil's 1st album (Click for details)

Song list
 1. Rosemary
 2. Secret Lover
 3. The City's Always Open
 4. Karolina
 5. Marianna
 6. Taste My Dream of You
 7. We All Need
 8. Younger Than Ever
 9. Oh, Bethasia
10. Red Wine Cork
11. Twice in One Lifetime
12. Better Days

 "Music that kisses the brain
    and touches the heart..."


Between Us

Phil's 2nd album (Click for details)
Song list
1. Between Us
2. A Little Bit of Ramblin’
3. Just Be Me
4. Get Ready for the Night
5. Whiskey Bay
6. One On One
7. Middleman
8. A History of Secrets
9. Every Day
10. Garbage
11. Play It Again
12. Is It Love If You Fall?

Phil Maffetone: acoustic guitar, vocals, piano.
Coralee Thompson: piano, flutes, vocals.
Jonny Polonsky: acoustic, electric and bass guitar, vocals, organ, piano, harpsichord, harmonica, percussion.

For Between Us lyrics click here.
For an album review click here.

All songs written and produced by Phil Maffetone.
Special thanks to John Frusciante (guitar) and Brad Wilk (drums) who play on various tracks,
to Rick Rubin for his special guidance and insights,
and Jonny Polonsky for his many touches of musical creativity.
© (p) 2008 Philip Maffetone. All rights reserved, unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.
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Or, download songs from iTunes, Napster or your favorite site (including this one).


Nashville Bootleg

Phil's 3rd album
*THIS IS A DOWNLOAD-ONLY ALBUM. Click for more information.

For many years, I’ve enjoyed Bob Dylan’s bootleg albums. They’re not really bootleg in that they’re official, but made up of songs that didn’t make it on a regular album. That’s what I’ve done with my new CD, Nashville Bootleg. Most of these songs were recorded or otherwise written in Nashville. As a prolific songwriter, it became clear that these songs would not make it on an album either, but many told me they’re too good to remain unheard.

The album starts with Can’t Remember Yesterday, a song I wrote in St. Augustine, Florida where I woke one morning seven years ago deciding to pursue a songwriting career. It’s a favorite of many people, and Coralee Thompson's version (on Coralee) is stunning as well. I wrote Leave Me No Pennies while on a music retreat in Kauai. After a late night of philosophizing about songwriting, I woke early with the song in my head. These are two of four songs sung by Nashville vocalist Stevie Bower. My daughter, Thérèse, sings Flowers & Weeds. I wrote this little country waltz in the Catskill Mountains after Rick Rubin gave me the songwriting “assignment” to write and sing something a cappella. If Tomorrow Never Comes is a song we play differently now, but this country version is the original recording. My Little One is among my first songs, written for my son, Phil. I thought it was perfect for my daughter Thérèse to sing, and she does it beautifully. Another very early song is Red Wine Cork, complete with wonderful violin harmonies and full band. Many have told me they relate to the line, “A red wine cork in a white wine bottle.” This is the first recording of this song, with a later version on my first album, We All Need. One Time Too Many just came out one morning while in Europe on a music tour. It has an Elvis flavor, and very country. I wrote Blind Man after reading a case history of a man who had his sight restored after being blind from birth. The stress of seeing was so much that he had the surgery reversed. I was even able to weave some neurological terms into it. You Ain’t Suzannah is an old style country song with an unexpected twist, a sadness that comes from its truth.

Through the help of some great studio musicians in Nashville, these early songs were really brought to life. David “Fergie” Ferguson engineered and mixed most of them, with Ken Sluiter engineering and mastering the album. Special thanks to Rick Rubin and Jimmy Tittle.

Please see the Nashville! page for more information and photos.

Livin' on a Dead End Road

Phil's 4th CD is "Livin' On A Dead End Road."