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By Dr. Coralee Thompson & Dr. Philip Maffetone

From the front page of "The Oracle" (September 2009):

Healthy Folk-Rock Sounds From Two New Musicians to Arizona
—Both With Unusual Backgrounds in Health and Wellness

Two new arrivals to Arizona have been making themselves heard around the state. Phil Maffetone and Coralee Thompson, both physicians, bring their musical and professional backgrounds to create a unique experience for listeners. They have performed at the Tucson Folk Festival, restaurants, upscale bars and cafés in southern Arizona. Their new CD, “Between Us,” comes out this week, bringing a unique fusion of folk and rock.

Music marks a significant transition in Maffetone's career. For years, he was a best-selling health and fitness author, whose teachings and holistic practices came to the attention of influential music producer Rick Rubin, the late Johnny Cash and Red Hot Chili Peppers. While Maffetone worked with Rubin, Cash, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers as their personal wellness guru, he also began to write and record his own music.“I woke up one morning seven years ago,” says Maffetone, “and suddenly decided to become a songwriter. I've had original music in my head since I was three years old. Then, Rick Rubin called me out of the blue five days later.” Interestingly, when Maffetone was in private practice in New York in the '80s, one of his patients was singer-songwriter James Taylor.

Maffetone's first CD, “We All Need,” came out in 2006. Here's what one music critic wrote in the Pueblo (Colorado) Chieftain newspaper, Maffetone's “breathy harmonies, acoustic strumming and shimmering electric chords combine to form a tasty serving of late 1960s-style dreamy pop, not unlike the ‘White Album’-era Beatles.”

On the new CD, “Between Us,” Phil is joined by the gifted and magical Dr. Coralee Thompson, a medical director who now spends most of her time on music. Coralee's singing is multi-layered, rich, and melodic; her wonderful voice takes the listener to sweet, private places of soothing enchantment.

John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Brad Wilk (Audioslave/Rage) and Los Angeles solo artist Jonny Polonsky all contributed to both CDs.

Given Phil and Coralee's experience in the health profession -- one is hard-pressed to think of any two physicians who have their own music CD -- it should come as little surprise that both integrate music with treating patients. Coralee is a family physician whose expertise includes working with children and adults with common and rare brain injuries. Both have also lectured extensively worldwide on the healthy connection between music and the brain.“Over 5,000 years ago, Chinese medicine included music as a therapy, along with other remedies,” says Maffetone. “The right kind of music stimulates the brain's alpha waves, which promotes good, sound health.” This aural-neural connection is reflected in the broad mix of songs on “Between Us.” The catchy blend of folk and rock, combined with original songwriting, creates a subtle, mesmerizing power that kisses the brain and touches the heart.

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How Parents Can Raise Their Children in a Smarter, Healthier and More Natural Way
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What Others Are Saying...

"If you don't read Phil Maffetone, you're turning your back on one of the most powerfully probing minds in endurance sports. The brilliance of Maffetone's work is his re-discovery of the ancient understanding that the human engine doesn't need to be fueled on suffering, and that pain is only the penalty you pay for backburnering your brain. The best advice you could give any athlete, no matter what their level, is to read Maffetone and start over."
— Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Super Athletes, and The Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.

“Dr. Maffetone shares his lifetime of experience in helping athletes of all abilities to become better.”
— Dr. Tim Noakes, author of Lore of Running.

“Dr. Phil’s balanced nutrition and natural snacks were a significant part of my preparation for the Olympic Games in Sydney. Thanks Dr. Phil!”
— Misty Hyman, Gold medalist, 200m butterfly.

"I have benefited from Dr. Phil Maffetone’s teaching for many years now. He has been an inspiration and source of knowledge in endurance training, and allowed me to compete in triathlon and stay healthy enough to complete a rigorous orthopaedic surgery residency program. During that same residency program, I completed a study on the effect of shoewear on running biomechanics, and was first inspired to design the project because of Dr. Maffetone’s writings. The study won a prestigious award from an international sports medicine society, and I presented the study to favorable review at the society’s international congress in Switzerland. I have also put my research to the test--running barefoot in several triathlons—and have even won my age-group! Some of what you will read may run counter to conventional wisdom; but if you keep an open mind and contemplate what you read in the following pages, you will discover a new source of knowledge and a way to keep your feet working well for life."
William B. Workman, M.D., orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon.

“Dr. Maffetone's program is a sensible and balanced approach to better fitness and health”
— Kent Johnston, former strength and conditioning coach, Green Bay Packers.

“By teaching "Maximum Aerobic Function," Dr. Philip Maffetone is following the philosophy that has come down to us from the ancient Greeks. Their emphasis was on the cultivation of the self. The maximum function of the body was part of their “art of existence.”
— George Sheehan, M.D.

“Dr. Maffetone is one of the most sought after endurance coaches in the world”
— Velo News

“The great conductor Arturo Toscanini once remarked, ‘Tradition is the last bad performance.’ Like Toscanini, Philip Maffetone questions some of the weary tenets of performance training. His stable of athletes is perhaps the purest expression of his craft.”
— John Howard, bicycling legend and coach.

“Dr. Maffetone is a modern day medicine man whose views, practices and techniques extend far beyond the turbo charged adrenaline of the exercise kingdom.”
— William R. Katovsky, founding editor of Inside Triathlon Magazine and Triathlete Magazine.

"I consider Dr. Maffetone's advice an integral part of my success as an ultra-distance athlete. If your goal is to improve endurance, maximize energy and achieve optimal performance, this book is for you."
— Stu Mittleman, World Ultramarathon Champion; member, Ultrarunning Hall of Fame.

“Dr. Maffetone’s system goes beyond dealing with symptoms; he looks at health and fitness as an integrated balance. He deals with the whole picture clearly and directly. Fascinating and illuminating…and I feel great!”
James Taylor, singer, recording artist.

“Thank you for the gift of your example; you’ve touched our lives. I appreciate your contribution to both my own physical health and to others.”
— Anthony Robbins

"The World Championship Pack-Burro race is a 29-mile run with a burro up and down a rocky 13,197-foot mountain pass in Colorado. The race course crosses high-altitude tundra and boulder fields, icy streams and snowfields that linger in the summer. I’d placed 2nd more times than I care to remember but wanted badly to win. Back in 1998 Dr. Phil Maffetone helped me put together a program to improve my endurance through better training and nutrition, and I won my first World Championship. Eleven years later I’ve now won the race six times, and at 49 years of age I’m looking for No. 7."
— Hal Walter

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