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Best-selling author Phil Maffetone has worked with many of music’s legends, including the late Johnny Cash and producer Rick Rubin. He's also written his own songs, many on this website, and six albums: We All Need, Between Us, Nashville Bootleg, Livin' on a Dead End Road, Coralee, and the latest Free Will.
A sample of rock, folk, country, piano bar. Listen to the music!

The Rosemary Sessions:

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A tribute to Johnny Cash:
"Nowhere To Run"
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Phil's first two CDs feature
John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Brad Wilk (Audioslave/Rage), solo artist Jonny Polonsky and others.
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My Favorite
Anaerobic and Strength Workouts

Sleep Well and Prosper

Healthy Snacks & Travel Foods
Don’t leave home without them!

A 1:59 Boston Marathon?
-What if this is the year?

101 MAF Heart Rate Zones

Three Ideal Breakfasts

The Balance Game
Strength and endurance are cornerstones of human health and fitness; any imbalance prevents us from reaching optimal human potential.

The Moderation Myth

From Couch Potato to Athlete:
Everyone Benefits by Reducing Disease Risk

Disordered Eating, part 1:
It appears to be a well-hidden epidemic in adolescents and adults, in both male and female, and is more common in athletes.

Disordered Eating, part 2: What to do?

A Very Low-Carb Day: A high fat-burning fare
The menu people have been asking about.

Phil’s Fat-Burning Coffee: Beyond bullet-proof
See this delicious recipe.

A needle and the damage done—no one is immune

Fat Burning Can Save the World

The Fat Burning Journal

En la revista española Triatlón-Un solo deporte no es suficiente podéis leer algunos de mis artículos, traducidos por Ester Galindo: http://www.triatlonweb.es/
NEW! Y en la revista Sport Life (http://blogs.sportlife.es/lourdestorres/), podéis seguir a Lourdes Torres, quien está entrenándose según el método Maffetone para el próximo Ironman de Zúrich. En breve, más novedades en español.

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Get Faster with Better Running Economy

Gut Check
Part 2: Belly fat is common, but it should not be stylish

Burn Fat Faster!
Starting today, you can lose weight and body fat,
perform better, and improve health

Gut Check: 
Part 1: Why Focusing on Your Core Is Wrong

Endurance Plus Strength
A simple, three-step program

NEW! A partir de este mismo mes de abril y hasta finales de año saldrán publicados algunos de mis artículos en la revista española Triatlón-Un solo deporte no es suficiente. La versión online de los artículos—traducidos por Ester Galindo—aparecerá a los dos meses de haber sido publicados en papel, esto es, a partir de junio. Aquí tenéis el enlace a la web de la revista: http://www.triatlonweb.es/

Managing Muscle Fatigue
PART 1: It’s all in your head
PART 2: Build a faster, fatigue-resistant body and brain
PART 3: A checklist to help avoid this common problem

Why Don’t I Get Faster?
Find and fix these 7 health and fitness hazards that can slow you down

Walter Burns Fat to 7th World Championship

—Consume It or Lose It

Holiday Health
Which Road Will You Take?

Why I No Longer Like Lactate Testing

Our Summer in Gilboa:
Living off the Land and Getting in Shape the Natural Way

The Abdominals:
A Most Misunderstood Muscle Group


Muscle Testing:
The Who, What, Where and Why

READ ABOUT THE BOOK: The Healthy Golfer

Recent Posts
Tech Talk: An Athlete’s Body
5 Remarkable Parts for Better Performance

When Gait Goes Bad
Why some are slower walkers and runners

Oversold on Sugar
Is the white stuff running you down and wearing you out?

Update on Aging:
It’s more than immunity and hormones, posture and gait play key roles too.

Are We Fated to Be Overfat?
It’s a worldwide epidemic and it even affects many of those who workout regularly,including athletes. It’s the accumulation of excess stored body fat.
How I Developed the Two-Week Test

Chocolate Lovers Live Longer

Recommended Supplements

"What Exactly Is
The Maffetone Method?"

The book for EVERYONE!

“The Big Book is superb. It’s a true owner’s manual for the care and maintenance of the human machine. I’ve pored over health and fitness books for the past five years, and I haven’t found anything to compare with the clarity and wisdom of Dr. Phil Maffetone.”
—Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run

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