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The 180 Formula and Heart Rate Monitoring

What is the MAF Test?
It's a companion to the 180-Formula that objectively measures progress and provide the earliest indication of potential problems in training.

Think You Know What Being Aerobic Is?
Your Brain Might be Telling You One Thing, but Your Body is Saying Something Different

Prime Appraisal or Wasted Effort?
Why I No Longer Like Lactate Testing

Want Speed? Slow Down!

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Muscle Imbalance is a must read.

Mark Allen Interview
Lessons for Triathletes

Endurance Athletes:
No Immunity From Heart Disease

Exercise & Medication

Strength Training Q&As

Was this the ultimate ultramarathon team? This MAF Team photo was taken at New York's Shea Stadium 100-mile race by an unknown photographer (tell us who you are!). L to R: Stu Mittleman, Trishul Cherns, Paul Fendler and coach Dr. Phil Maffetone. circa 1986

They're in the Forum

Q: How can we get Dr. Phil's coaching and consultation?
A: Unfortunately, I do very little consulting these days -- I'm busy with writing fitness and health material, lecturing, writing music, touring, tending to my year-round garden and working out. However, my friend and colleague Mark Allen does online coaching and I highly recommend him. Click on his photo below or go to MarkAllenCoaching.com.


The Big Book of
Endurance Training and Racing

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Dr. Maffetone shares his lifetime of experience in helping athletes of all abilities to become better.
Dr. Tim Noakes, author of Lore of Running
Read Dr. Noakes Afterword

"If you don't read Phil Maffetone, you're turning your back on one of the most powerfully probing minds in endurance sports. The brilliance of Maffetone's work is his re-discovery of the ancient understanding that the human engine doesn't need to be fueled on suffering, and that pain is only the penalty you pay for backburnering your brain. The best advice you could give any athlete, no matter what their level, is to read Maffetone and start over."
Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run.

Typo Alert: “The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing”
At the end of page 281, going to the next page, there’s a discussion of making your own carbohydrate race drink. Here is the correct formula for a 6 to 8 percent carbohydrate solution:
6 to 8 grams of carbohydrate (approximately one heaping teaspoon), such as honey, to 90 ml (3 ounces) of water.

The book lists the amount of water incorrectly at 180 ml (6 ounces). So for a 6-ounce solution, multiply all ingredients by 2; a 12-ounce solution, multiply all ingredients by 4, etc.


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