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This book replaces "In Fitness and In Health"
and "The Maffetone Method"
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From the back cover:
“The Big Book is superb. It’s a true owner’s manual for the care and maintenance of the human machine. I’ve pored over health and fitness books for the past five years, and I haven’t found anything to compare with the clarity and wisdom of Dr. Phil Maffetone.”
—Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run

Table of Contents:
Section I—Choose Your Food Wisely
Chapter 1: Eating the Right Foods Will Improve Your Health and Give You More Energy
Chapter 2: Carbohydrate Intolerance and the Two-Week Test—Learning How to Move Past Low Energy, Fatigue, and Weight Gain
Chapter 3: Carbohydrate Foods—The Good, the Bad, and the Really Harmful
Chapter 4: Ignore the Big Fat Lie—Why Having a Right Balance of Fats in Your Diet Will Significantly Improve Your Health
Chapter 5: Chronic Inflammation—What You Can Safely Do to Eliminate It
Chapter 6: The Power of Protein—Are You Eating Enough?
Chapter 7: Eat Your Vegetables and Fruits—Understanding the Importance of Phytonutrients and Truly Going “Organic”
Chapter 8: Water—The Body's Most Important Nutrient
Chapter 9: Dietary Supplements—What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You
Chapter 10: The Sun and Vitamin D—Why You Need Both to Stay Healthy
Chapter 11: Make Life a Moveable Feast with Healthy Eating, Snacking, and Cooking
Chapter 12: The Healthiest Diet—Follow Your Own Nutritional Intuition

Section II—Physical Health and Fitness
Chapter 13: Understanding the Foundation of Fitness—Your Aerobic and Anaerobic Systems
Chapter 14: Heart Rate Training—Applying the Basic Principles of Aerobic Fitness
Chapter 15: The Hidden Dangers of Stretching
Chapter 16: The Feet are Your Body’s Foundation
Chapter 17: Footwear Made Simple—Finding the Right Pair of Shoes Is a Key Step to Better Health
Chapter 18: Every Runner Is Different—the Intimate Relationship Between Footwear and Gait, and What You Can Do to Improve Both

Section III—Self-Care
Chapter 19: Stress and Hormones—How They Affect Your Overall Health and Fitness
Chapter 20: Getting to Know Your Brain—Diet, Physical Activity, and Lifestyle All Play Important Roles
Chapter 21: Your Muscles—Keeping Them in Balance to Prevent Aches, Pains, and Even Serious Injuries
Chapter 22: The Gut—Your Gastrointestinal Tract Is the Gateway to Good Health
Chapter 23: Stopping Cancer Through Prevention and a Healthy Lifestyle
Chapter 24: Healthy Heart—Cardiovascular Disease Is Preventable
Chapter 25: Healthy Sex—For as Long as You Want
Chapter 26: Finding a Health Care Practitioner
Chapter 27: How to Age Gracefully—It’s Much Easier Than You Think

Appendix A—Healthy Meal Ideas (over 100 recipes)

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Dr. Maffetone has written over a dozen books on health, fitness and sports medicine. Some are featured books below. Various books are also written in other languages, including Japanese, Italian, Korean and Swedish, with the Manual Biofeedback DVD also in Spanish, French, Italian and German.

The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing
The ultimate and most updated book for all endurance sports.

Healthy Brains, Healthy Children
The ideal books for parents, parents-to-be and all those who care for children.

The Maffetone Method.
The Classic is still available, but outdated--see above for The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing.

Complementary Sports Medicine
A textbook for students and health care professionals. A limited number left.

"In Fitness and In Health"? “Training for Endurance”? “Eating for Endurance”?
How about “The High Performance Heart” and “Everyone is an Athlete”?
No need to buy these books! They’re outdated, and they’ve been replaced
by one comprehensive volume: The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing and
the new Big Book of Health and Fitness.



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